Monday, June 6, 2011

Fox 40 WICZ TV covers Kristofor's event

Fox 40 WICZ TV
June 5, 2011

Former Endicott Fireman Returns for Book Signing

A former Endicott Firefighter returns to his roots for a book signing.

Gary Ryman's firefighting career started here in Upstate New York and has been serving for more than 30 years.

The book is titled "Fire Men: Stories from Three Generations of a Firefighting Family" and shares both the personal and professional turning points of his career.

Ryman and his daughter are both happy that his book will allow him share his experiences with others.

"I got to experience it from being in the middle. I was the son of a firefighter, and became the father of a firefighter. So, I understood it from multiple perspectives," said Ryman.

"I've heard the stories growing up over and over again, but to see it in print now is really awesome," said Rymans daughter, Megan Ryman.

The book signing was held at Kristofor's Restaurant in Endicott.

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