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June 24, 2011

"Fire Men: Stories from Three Generations of a Firefighting Family" Book Signing

Firemen_book_coverFriday evening on June 24 Chief Raymond Rood, Asst. Chief James Allan, and FF/EMT Christopher Rood attended a book signing for Firemen by Gary R. Ryman. The book signing was held at Tiffany's Tap and Grill located on Main Street in Eynon. Gary is a good friend to the trio that attended the book signing. He is also a colleague to the CFC. He is the past fire chief of Scott Township Hose Company (Station 36) and also a member of the Fleetville Fire Company (Station 63, Wyoming County). Gary brings a unique perspective to the firefighting experience. He recounts his early days in upstate New York learning from his father, the department fire chief. He describes the blazes he battled with a career and volunteer crew in the crowded suburbs of Washington, D.C. He examines the mentoring relationship established with his son as they respond to the calls of a volunteer department in rural parts of Northeast Pennsylvania.

We recommend this book to all firefighters and non-firefighters. A lot of the fires and incidents discussed in this book that happened in NEPA will make you recap reading about them in the newspaper, seeing it on the news, or even watching as the firefighters knocked down the flames, cutting a person out of a wrecked vehicle, or whatever the situation was. This book will also give the non-firefighter the perspective of what a firefighter sometimes has to deal with.

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Left to Right: Chief Raymond Rood, Gary Ryman (Author), and Asst. Chief James Allan

Photo By: Mrs. Ryman

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