Friday, June 24, 2011


“I think the book shows the true meaning of learning, sharing, devotion and motivation. I really think it should be on every probies list, as it shows the good, the bad and the ugly of what emergency responders go through, and like anything, we remember the good times and the good friendships more than the bad...
Congrats on a winner....A great book....What I liked best was remembering a lot of those incidents, by either the war stories shortly afterward or seeing it on the news. A lot of those were back in the Good Days, when men were men and probies understood they didn't know everything. All in all, it tops my lists of the many fire books I have read over the years."

-Dave CHICO Richards, Pa. State Fire Inst. Emeritus,

“This guy caught a lot of fire. Fire Men is a must-read around the firehouse. Gary Ryman is a master storyteller."

-Tiger Schmittendorf, Chief Storyteller,

“As someone who also comes from a multi-generation fire service family, I appreciate how well Gary Ryman captures his family’s dedication and commitment to their fire department and community. Fire service families everywhere will relate to Gary’s stories.”

-Gary Keith, Vice President of Field Operations, National Fire Protection Association

“From the first page, Ryman hits the nail on the head. He provides a riveting look at the fire service as a whole, and the evolution of the business over the last three decades. Every fire fighter should read this. Old ones to reminisce, young ones to appreciate where we came from.”

-Fred Bales, CFPS, CFI,
Pennsylvania Senior Fire and Public Safety Instructor & Past Chief, Greenfield Fire Company, Greenfield, PA

"I absolutely loved this book! It's full of adventure and suspense and family and friends and wrapping it all up with a great big bow is the complete dedication these fire fighters have. They truly are a breed apart and this book gives us a look into their extraordinary lives. What a terrific read!”

-Hildy Morgan, Executive Director, Wyoming County Cultural Center at the Dietrich Theater, Endless Mountains Writers' Group

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