Friday, February 21, 2014

From 10-Codes to Texting...

A few years from now, our text messaging generation will have taken over the fire departments across the land.  They can talk faster with their thumbs than I can verbally.  My prediction is that with blurring speed, thumbs will become the primary communications mechanism and the use of mobile radios to communicate with dispatchers and other units will dwindle. Tablets mounted in the apparatus cab will have taken over.  I can see what this looks like now….. 

Both routine transmissions and size-up will be different. 
E41 AFK 4 fuel BRB. 

T25 OTS 2 sto sfd OMG! WRKR! 

Planning lunch could be interesting
T51 2 E51 WRUD 4 Lunch? 

E51 2 T51 711 Subs 

T51 2 E 51  Yuck 

E51 2 T 51 YMMV 

The fire ground will “sound” different as well. 
Batt 4 2 Cnty.  HV 2nd Alm stge out. 

E51  RU in Staging? 

E51 Affirm ZZZZ 

And the occasional confusion or differences over water supply assignments….
E15 2 E12 PU My line @ 3265 NY Ave 

E12 2 E15  Hv my own hydt, BLNT! 

E15 2 E12 WTF! 

Makes one fondly recall the days of the 10 codes……..

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