Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve

With New Years Eve upon us, thoughts turn to previous ones. They can be action packed nights filled with wrecks, EMS calls, and fires. There is also the "contest" to see which unit catches the first call after the ball drops, and who the "winner" will be.

I remember running nasty wrecks with entrapment, fires, and loads of drunks. It's a night which brings out the best and worst in people. Many years ago, we pulled a teenage girl out of a tiny bathroom. She was face down, and so intoxicated she had stopped breathing. We got her going again, and she survived to see the sunrise, and hopefully many more.

I now hope for a calm and boring night in which as much time as possible passes before someone is injured or property is damaged or destroyed. A night without roaring diesel engines and in which the only flashing lights are on the remaining Christmas decorations.

So here's a toast to a quiet night of reasoned revelry and a safe New Year.......

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