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The Story of a Writer review

The Story of a Writer
August 8, 2011

The Story of a Family of Firemen
by Beverly Stowe McClure

I am delighted to introduce you today to some of our true-life heroes, not the ones in movies and books. Meet Gary R. Ryman, the second of three generations of firefighters in his family.


By Gary R. Ryman

Book Courtesy of Tribute Books

The sirens blare as the fire truck races down the street. Firefighters on their way to another fire or accident, we think, and are thankful our house is safe or our family or someone we know aren’t injured. But do we ever stop to think what being a fireman is really like. Sure, they visit schools and teach fire safety. They answer alarms for drownings, auto accidents, fires, and other things we can’t even imagine. Well, if you’ve ever wondered about or thought of becoming a firefighter there is a book out that will give you an inside look at what it’s like. You may be surprised.

Author Gary R. Ryman has written a book about three generations of firemen in his family: his father Richard Ryman, himself, and his son Mike. From battling house fires to administering aid at auto accidents, to saving babies’ lives the author takes the reader along with him and his fellow firemen. The scenes are so vivid that sometimes I could almost smell the smoke and feel the heat of a roaring blaze. The author also talks about trust among firefighters. For example, you don’t leave your partner alone in a fire. He mentions, too, that being a firefighter is a “thankless job” at times. So why does he do it? Why do others do it? For Gary Ryman it’s “the satisfaction of doing something only a small percentage of people can do--entering buildings being consumed by fire and having the skill to save lives.” Some of the calls are funny, but I’ll let you enjoy reading about those yourself. Others are sad and make you appreciate the bravery and dedications of the firefighters.

FIRE MEN, STORIES FROM THREE GENERATIONS OF A FIREFIGHTING FAMILY tells a great story about the joys and the sadness of the job. Of course, fire departments in different towns, large and small, would be a bit different. But they all have one thing in common: saving lives and property. As the wife of a retired firefighter, I recommend this book for a close look at the brave men and women who we take for granted, but who we want to be there when duty calls.

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Thank you, Gary and your family for all you do.

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