Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Old" Guy Stuff

Okay, this doesn’t go back to the horses, but if you experienced many of these (I did all of them), then you might be a “seasoned” firefighter if……

  • You rode the back step (and put you gear on while doing it) Only once…..that was scary…and stupid.

  • Rode an engine from which you could actually see the driver from the back step.

  • Wore ¾ boots inside

  • Wore a Scott I with no bell

  • Wore “red ball” gloves.

  • Know what a Plectron is—and had one—with tubes.

  • Remember using the 10-codes.

  • Wore a cotton duck coat.

  • Remember the introduction of “safety straps” for the back step.

  • Taken a 2 ½ inside. Something that should still be done, but isn't much.

  • Cut off a pair of leaky ¾ boots for your first set of bunker pants.

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